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Marubeni Corporation offers medical equipment supply to Yakutia

  • Published in Politics

Japanese trading company Marubeni Corporation offers supply of special-purpose medical equipment, which is not produced in Russia. The meeting between the Prime Minister of the Republic, Vladimir Solodov, and the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Marubeni Corporation Industrial Division, Osamu Miagawa, in particular, discussed the issues of equipping cancer and cardiology dispensaries, as well as the prospect of creating a joint leasing company. There is a need to update medical equipment in hospitals and clinics of Yakutia.

“To implement projects in the shortest possible time, on the terms of sustainable cooperation, we discussed the possibility of creating a joint company that can implement leasing schemes or make a detailed analysis of the very equipment in manufacturing of which Japan is a top leader in the world,” said Vladimir Solodov.

“I want to note that as medical equipment becomes more complex, technical support and maintenance of medical institutions become a separate area of work. Together with our Japanese colleagues, we will be able to strengthen our competence in this area,” he added.


Osamu Miagawa announced that Marubeni Corporation is ready to cooperate in the field of healthcare. “For the development of healthcare, we proposed a new investment scheme for the creation of a leasing company. The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is planning major investments in the medical industry, and the Japanese government is also involved in financial schemes to support such social projects. Therefore, on the basis of state support of Japan, we would like to propose new schemes for the development of the republic’s healthcare,” said Miagawa.

Recall, on December 29, 2018, a new radiological department of the oncologic dispensary was opened in Yakutsk, in which there is a high-tech linear accelerator with the function of respiration synchronization, equipment for local hyperthermia, a CT scanner. “In 2019, the construction of the second stage of the oncologic dispensary will continue at the expense of the republic’s funds, and from 2020, we hope, construction will reach the federal level. And then by 2022 a new cancer center will appear in Yakutia,” said Yakutia’s head Aisen Nikolaev at the opening ceremony. The increase in life expectancy of the population of Yakutia to 78 years by 2024, to 80 years by 2030 is the core strategic goal of the republic, and one of the priority areas is the fight against cancer.


The construction of the Republican Cancer Center for 210 beds with a radiological department for 60 beds and a service unit began in Yakutia in 2017. In 2014, the cost of construction of the facility was estimated at almost 5.9 billion rubles. The second stage of the dispensary with a cardiology department with 150 beds is estimated at almost 3.3 billion rubles.

Previously, Marubeni Corporation offered steel OCTG and oil and gas pipelines to Sakhatransneftegaz JSC. The Japanese had supplied such products to Sakhalin and Khabarovsk before.