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The authorities of Yakutia visited datsan and met with Dandar Lama

Gavril and Dandar
On March 25, Gavril Kirillin, Minister of External Relations and Affairs of the Peoples of Yakutia, and Ruslan Timofeev, Head of the Information Policy and Mass Communications Department of the Administration of the Head and Government of the RS (Y), visited the datsan of Yakutsk, the northernmost Buddhist temple in the world, where they met with Dandar Lama - Dmitry Zhalsarayev.

At a meeting with Dandar Lama, Gavril Kirillin and Ruslan Timofeev discussed issues of maintaining interfaith harmony in society. Dmitry Zhalsarayev noted that more than a thousand people gather in datsan for religious holidays. According to him, in the future Yakut lamas will appear in the republic, who are now studying in the city of Ulan-Ude. Dandar Lama said that he came to Yakutia, mindful of the prophecy of Buddha Shakyamuni, that his teaching would spread to the North.

“Our ministry is authorized in the government to work in the implementation of the state national policy in the republic. These are relations with diasporas, interfaith and sociocultural relations, including the work on the humanization of inter-ethnic relations. Today we visited the Yakut datsan and discussed the issues of maintaining interfaith harmony in society with esteemed Dandar Lama. In the republic today there are 158 religious organizations. They represent almost all world religions. Traditional for the republic are Orthodoxy, Islam and Buddhism, which always coexisted in peace and harmony, without conflict. These religions always preach peace and good - the main components for development and prosperity. We have registered 75 national-cultural associations in Yakutia. They represent 129 nations living in the republic. These associations are all officially registered and operate in accordance with Russian legislation, actively manifesting themselves in the social and political life of the region,” said Gavril Kirillin.

The Minister announced that more than 100 events are held in the republic annually with the participation of national-cultural associations. These are both national holidays of peoples of Yakutia, and various festivals, the press service of the government of the republic reports.