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Vladimir Oshchepkov from Yakutia heads the Russian Consulate in China


Vladimir Oschepkov is appointed Consul General in Harbin, the Yakutia 24 TV channel reported.

The head of the republic Aisen Nikolaev congratulated Vladimir Oschepkov on his assignment to this senior diplomatic position.

Vladimir Oschepkov graduated from the Yakut State University, then completed his studies at the Diplomatic Academy in Moscow. For more than 20 years he has been working in the system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Soviet consulate in Harbin ceased work more than 60 years ago, now it will again open its doors to the Russians and residents of China.

At present, the Consular Affairs Division of the Russian Embassy in Beijing and the Russian Consulate General in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenyang are operating in China.