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Aisen Nikolaev: Great attention to Russian Arctic will also affect Yakutia

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The theses voiced by Vladimir Putin at 5th International Arctic Forum suggest that correct and attentive state policy towards the Russian Arctic will be of great importance for Yakutia as well. This was stated by the head of the republic Aisen Nikolaev following the results of the plenary session with the participation of the President of the country, reports YSIA.

5th International Arctic Forum Arctic: Territory of Dialogue is taking place in St. Petersburg April 9-10. President Vladimir Putin spoke at the plenary session of the forum. A delegation led by Aisen Nikolaev represents Yakutia at the summit.

“For the first time in many years, the leaders of all Scandinavian countries arrived, and with the participation of the Russian president, a keen conversation took place on the fate and development of the Arctic, its geopolitical and strategic importance for the whole world. A lot has been said about environmental issues, and I agree with the president when he prioritizes environmental issues for the development of the Arctic: global warming, the fragile balance in the environment. This is important not only for the environment of the Arctic itself, but also affects the whole world,” said the head of Yakutia.

He stressed that much had been said about the fate of the indigenous peoples of the North, careful environmental management, in which industrial development of the Arctic would help improve the quality of life of the local population. “From this point of view, we see that in all countries, including Russia, a number of correct decisions are being taken in this direction,” the head of the region added.

According to Nikolaev, issues related to world politics and trends were raised, which is obvious given the geopolitical significance of the Arctic. In addition, the development of energy projects in the Arctic zone of the country was discussed.

“Most of the issues raised also apply to Yakutia: The Northern Sea Route, the development of new industrial projects, and the development of infrastructure, and the interests of indigenous peoples. I am sure that the correct and attentive state policy in relation to the Russian Arctic will be of great importance for our region as well,” concluded Il Darkhan.

As reported by YSIA, at 5th International Arctic Forum Arctic: Territory of Dialogue in St. Petersburg, Yakutia placed a multimedia map with information on the main investment projects of the Arctic zone, the layout of a high-tech Zhatai shipyard, the Arctic Triumph of Yakutia composition made of mammoth tusk in combination with diamonds and much more.