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Andrey E with his son sent "Russian North" photo exhibition to Donetsk

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Andrey E
On December 23 the joint charity project of the "Russian North" Republican Public Fund and the Public Chamber of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - "The exchange of views" – was presented.

On the eve of New Year and Christmas, the "Russian North" Fund (Yuri Grigoriev - President of the Fund) sends the "Russian North" photo exhibition (55 pictures) to schools of the Donetsk Republic.Its authors - the Khoroshevs, father and son.Father – Andrey Khoroshev (Andrey E), Russian traveler from Yakutia, TV presenter of the "Iskateli (Seekers)" program. Son – 9-year-old Fyodor Khoroshev, a schoolboy, prize-winner of the All-Russia “Patriot of Russia 2012” Contest among young photographers.

These are photos of life of the Russian north, made in a variety of genres, but for all its exhibition gloss, they are all made by ordinary P&S camera and only adjusted using a simple computer program.

The photo exhibition is sent not only in the exposition form of photographs, printed on paper, but also in electronic form for distribution to schools in Donetsk as regional studies aids on life of the Russian North.

Text information is attached to each photo in the genre of children's story. This makes browsing more imaginative.
Andrey E2

Andrey E3
"Chukotka Caviar" 

At an early stage many famous photographers of Yakutia supported the project, who are also going to send their photo exhibitions to students of the Donetsk Republic. The theme of the next cultural parcel is the village of Russkoye Ustye.

The project organizers expect a reciprocal step - very different pictures of life that Donetsk students experience today. These photos will be very valuable and instructive for students of Yakutia.

We should not forget the history, you cannot leave your views to yourself, you need to share your ideas and thoughts, creating a common future.

The “Russian North” Fund will publish photos of students of the Donetsk Republic. A photo album is to be printed.