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2015 - The Year of People's Solidarity in Yakutsk

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Mayor House
RIG SAKHAPRESS.RU On December 24 at a Pre New Year meeting with MPs and the public, head of the city of Yakutsk Aisen Nikolayev declared 2015 the Year of People’s Solidarity in Yakutsk."Social cohesion and unity, efficient municipal-private partnership, shared responsibility for further improvement of Yakutsk for the benefit of each of its residents – that’s how I see the main landmarks in the coming year" - said the head.

The Year of People’s Solidarity will be a logical continuation of the Year of People's Initiative and the Year of beautification previously announced by Nikolayev.Yakutsk Mayor promised that the effective practices of previous years, that received the most support of the population, will be continued in the Year of the People's Solidarity - a large-scale ecological action "Personal example" has already become a city-wide movement, a "People's Budget" - financial support of social projects offered by townspeople, this is a direct communication of citizens and authorities in the framework of the Common information Day.

A day earlier, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation honored the winners of the All-Russian "Open municipality - 2014" contest.Yakutsk, presented by the "OneclickYakutsk" portal won in the category "Best Municipal Practice of openness" in Russia!Already now residents of Yakutsk can "one click" report on urban problems and offer their ideas for addressing them, apply to the People's Budget, generate rankings of management companies to participate online in a public hearing, and in 2015 the portal will post the reporting of functionaries.

As conceived by the mayor, in the Year of People's Solidarity the Yakutsk citizens with the support of the District Administration and the City Council will be united for realization of their ideas for the benefit of the capital.Among the areas identified by Nikolayev - development of the volunteer movement, joint work on the upcoming 70th anniversary of the Great Victory, creation of the Museum of Yakutsk and national competition to create the anthem of the capital."I am confident in the Year of People's Solidarity will be new initiatives and new proposals. All of them will be openly and widely discussed, will be supported by government and society. Together we’ll implement them for the benefit of our city!"- said Aisen Nikolayev.

The question of under what slogan the year of 2015 would be held in Yakutsk, the head of the capital was asked since the beginning of December - journalists at the press conference, viewers in a live television broadcast, people at the receptions in the districts, subscribers to the Facebook social network, but, as in previous years, Nikolayev announced it only on the Pre New Year meeting.

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