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Spring is near: Cold Bull’s first horn fell off

  • Published in Society
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According to the folk calendar of the Sakha people and ancient Yakut legends on January 31 Winter Bull’s first horn falls off - from this day frosts weaken.

Winter anciently among the Sakha people is personified with the image of the Bull of Cold, which comes out from the Arctic Ocean in October, and the winter begins with its arrival.

There is such a legend: "By the end of January, the winter reaches its peak. The day before the end of the month Mighty Eagle flies from the south - a symbol of heavenly heat, it shovels snow from its nest and utters shrill scream. The eagle’s scream makes the spirit of winter retreat, it alternately breaks the horns, and then by the spring its head fells off completely. During the break-up the body of Winter Bull floats down the Lena River to the Arctic Ocean, the ice drift takes the souls of the dead over the winter, people and animals."

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