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‘Pole of Cold 2017’ Rally Raid starts today

  • Published in Society
rally 22 03 17

Today, on March 22, 5th Republican ‘Pole of Cold 2017’ Rally Raid starts for the prizes of the Mayor of the city of Yakutsk in ‘Northern Lights’ Ice Park.

The event in 2013 received the status of the championship of the republic and was included in the annual calendar plan of the Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The Rally Raid itself is held in Yakutsk since 2011. The route is laid along the legendary Kolyma track - one of the oldest roads of the republic, the beginning of construction of which is connected with the development of the north-eastern territories for gold mining and access to the sea port of Nagayevo, Magadan region.

The program includes not only travel along the road, but also visits to populated areas, museums, cultural centers along the way, participation in the forum of young teachers in the village of Tomtor, visiting the Festival of Cold and ice residence of Chyskhaan-Keeper of the Cold, meetings with local people. The duration of the Rally Raid will be 5 days. In total, the participants will travel 1,800 km.