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Putin sets the course for integrated development of Arctic regions


The head of Yakutia, Egor Borisov, took part in the plenary session of 4th "The Arctic - Territory of Dialogue" International Arctic Forum. The key moment of this event was the speech of President Vladimir Putin, in which he clearly outlined his vision of the development of the Arctic region.

First of all, according to the president, initiatives that have a multiplier effect on the economy will be supported. They will be implemented through the mechanisms of public-private partnership, establishment of index zones zones for development, as well as instruments of state support. These and other measures will be included in the new edition of the state program of development of the Russian Arctic. Particular attention will be paid to Northern Sea Route. As the president of the state said, he has already instructed to work out the issue of establishing a separate structure responsible for the integrated development of Northern Sea Route and adjacent supporting territories, including infrastructure, hydrography, security, management and all necessary services.

The economic program for the Arctic development is designed for several years ahead and already includes more than 150 projects. The total amount of future investments in the region is estimated at trillions of rubles.

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