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50 000 people celebrated May Day in Yakutsk


About 50 thousand people took part in the May Day demonstration in Yakutsk. This figure is given on the website of the head of the region.


Head of the republic Egor Borisov saluted participants of the demonstration: "May Day is a holiday for all who look confidently to the future, who ensure well-being of their families and prosperity of the country by their daily work. May Day asserts the social values of modern society - a good and stable salary, decent living conditions, and the right to protect and support the state. Yakutia looks ahead! I am sure that an active social position and labor achievements of every citizen of our republic will help us achieve new highlights."

The head of the republic also said that despite the difficult economic situation, the basic indicators of quality of life in Yakutia are improving, inter-ethnic harmony is being preserved, and the priorities in the social sphere are being addressed.

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