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75% of Yakutia is provided for by high-speed Internet

  • Published in Society
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High-speed Internet, transmitted over fiber-optic communication lines, technically became available to 75% of the population of Yakutia.

Aleksandr Borisov, Minister of Communications of the republic, said about it in an interview with YSIA May 10. This was made possible by the optical fiber, laid along the Kolyma federal route to Magadan region, as well as the work of both Russian IT companies, Transtelecom and Rostelecom, and local Sakha telecommunications, the Expert group of companies.

The technical basis for the high-speed Internet in the last two years have received the town of Mirny, Khangalassy, Nam, Churapcha, Megino-Kangalass, Tatta, Tompo, Oimyakon Districts, at the end of the year high-speed Internet will appear in Aikhal and Udachny. Regarding the remote regions of Yakutia, where there is as yet no capacity to build the necessary infrastructure, the issue of establishing affordable satellite communications is being decided.

Based on the materials of YSIA