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New GULAG Museum in Oimyakon

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Photo: Mikhail Cheryomkin

Head of Oimyakon Gold Mining Company, Khangalas, Aleksandr Karas signed an agreement with the management of the municipal entity, under which the Company at his own expense to build a new building of the Literary and local History Museum in the village of Tomtor.

Today, the museum is located in a small classroom, where it is impossible to keep all the collected documents and exhibits. The building of the school, where the museum is located, was commissioned in 1969. "In a new stone building of the school, which is under construction now, there would be a place for the museum. But again, in a small room,"- say the school employees.

"Tourists immediately go to our museum. It happens that often many come here only because of the GULAG Museum," said teacher Maria Boyarova.

"For more than twenty years, the museum has been achieving a high number of visitors. Within the public-private partnership, Aleksandr Karas, the head of LLC Khangalas decided to build a school literary museum on the territory of a new school on Gold Mining Company funds,” said Mikhail Zakharov, head of the municipality.

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The museum was established in 1992 on the basis of a secondary school in the village of Tomtor. The main themes of the museum's exhibits are the life and work of the poets and writers-prisoners of the GULAG camps, the history of the construction of the Kolyma federal road. The museum has unique material on the fate and work of Soviet writers and poets, imprisoned in camps of Oimyakon.