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13-year-old wunderkind from Yakutia intends to enter Tomsk State University

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A prodigy from Yakutia for the first time applies for university admission, Tomsk State University, 13-year-old entrant Petr Pantilov. Based on the results of the Unified State Exam, he scored 233 points and wants to enter the Chemistry Faculty of the University.

According to the staff of the educational institution, Petr Pantilov likes chemistry and participated in many olympiads - Siberian Interregional, Far Eastern and others.

And his mother Natalia Vinokurova plans to move to Tomsk to accompany the boy. She believes that the age difference with other freshmen will not be a problem for her son.

It is noted that due to the age of the entrant there were some difficulties with entering him into the database, as this requires a passport. In the case of Pantilov they had to use a birth certificate.  For receiving Certificate of Secondary Education the boy used his birth certificate again.

The Yakut schoolchild graduated from the Authors' School of NA Alekseeva with a gold medal and passed an intensive training course in a special technique that involves an individual approach and an intensive style of teaching. Petr's parents are proud of their son and intend to help him in his studies and other aspects of life.