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Siberia Arctic Expedition-2015 arrives in Yakutsk

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Yakutsk has welcomed the Siberia Arctic Expedition-2015 team of 10 people who are undertaking an unprecedented automobile expedition from Warsaw across the entire territory of Russia to the Bering Strait and back. In the capital of the republic, the travelers are going to give two concerts and have meetings.

The idea of organizing an expedition from Poland to the Bering Strait and back came to an experienced Polish traveler, artist, pianist and public figure Romuald Koperski. For 20 years, he has been promoting the beauty and greatness of Russia in his country. In general, the main goal of the expedition is creating a positive image of Poland in Russia and Russia’s - in Poland. For reference, the year 2015 is the Year of of Polish culture in Russia.

The expedition members are 10 travelers from across Europe, particularly Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Russia. They are moving on three specially-equipped MAN vehicles.

"One can only imagine how difficult this journey will be, given the harsh Siberian climate. Frosts, snow drifts, ice ... The participants of the expedition will have to overcome all this. We are well prepared for the journey. Our creative company will move on specially prepared off-road vehicles," - commented Romuald Koperski.

Because of the visa regulations on the territory of the Russian Federation, Siberia Arctic Expedition-2015 is divided into two stages - winter and summer. After completion of the winter stage in March 2015, the vehicles will arrive in Magadan and remain there until the summer stage, which will start this year in August.

The expedition set off on January 15 in Warsaw. In total, the travelers will visit more than 40 Russian cities. Yakutsk is the 19th in this row along the Arctic route. The expedition will stay in the city for three days. Yesterday, on February 11, the travelers gave a free concert in The Wild Duck pub, and on February 13 there will be a concert in the Music School Hall. On February 14, the expedition members are leaving for Tomponsky region, then visiting the Pole of Cold in Oymyakonsky region, and from there, along the Kolyma federal highway they are going to Kolyma area. After visiting Zyrianka, Srednekolymsk and the settlement of Chersky, the travelers will finish in Magadan region.

The expedition will last about 100 days. However, the travelers say that some dates of the expedition, which is running on the roads in Siberia, may be postponed a little due to a bad weather or problems with the vehicles.

At the end of the expedition, they are going to make a documentary film and series of photographs of Russia through the eyes of the travelers.