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A Yakut delegate collects motivational quotes from 100 countries at the World Festival

  • Published in Society
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The delegate of XIX World Festival of Youth and Students, Chairman of the Youth and Family Policy Committee of Lensky District of Yakutia, Lyubov Klyukina, collects motivational quotes of young people from different countries in her notebook.

"When I was given a notebook of the Festival, I thought that I did not want to fill it with something banal. I thought for a long time and decided to ask young people from different countries about what motivates them. It can be a poem, a quote, people. I plan to collect 100 notes. Then I will have a small motivational book," said Lyubov Klyukina.

For example, a young man from Ghana is motivated by the ex-President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin. He studies at the Presidential Academy of Ghana and dreams of becoming President of his country someday. A girl from Italy is motivated by a cactus, as it grows in very difficult climatic conditions and even manages to blossom beautifully.

XIX World Festival of Youth and Students gathered more than 20 thousand young people from more than 150 countries of the world. Active and active young people from all over the world came to Sochi. The total number of participants in the Festival is 20,000, of which 10,000 are Russians. All of them at the Festival are invited to develop a concept for the development of the planet until 2030. The result will be a certain image of the future, dictated by young people from all the inhabited continents of the planet. The Festival runs until October 23 in Sochi Olympic Park.