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A confectioner got a medallion at WorldSkills Competition-2017 in Abu Dhabi

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A graduate of Yakutsk Trade and Economic College of Consumer Cooperation Stepan Kirillin was awarded a medallion for professional skills in the competence of "Confectionery" at the WorldSkills Competition-2017 held in Abu Dhabi.

This year, the Russian team took first place in the World Championship rating: Russia won 11 medals of different denominations and 21 medallions for professionalism, one of which went to Stepan Kirillin, a beginner confectioner from Yakutia.

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A native of Khangalassky ulus already participated in different stages of Worldskills last year and showed himself to be a professional in his field: in February he won gold at the Regional Championship in Yakutsk, in April he passed the semifinals in Khabarovsk, in May he reached the final of the National Championship in the Moscow region.

And in August 2016 Stepan joined the Russian team as a prize-winner of the International Championship in China, receiving a silver medal.

This year, a student at the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, led by Elena Lelenkova, Russia's chief expert in the competence of Confectionery, competed with 25 participants from Indonesia, China, Georgia and other countries.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Yakutia Andrei Popov congratulated Stepan Kirillin on his successful performance at the World Championships: "You are the pride of our republic. We wish further victories and success in the profession."
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