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Beauty Industry: Yakutia enters Top 5

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According to Marketing Logic statistics, Yakutia occupies one of the leading positions in the Far East in terms of the number of boutiques of cosmetics and perfumery, jewelry, beauty salons and flower shops.

Marketing Logic experts made an interactive map of Russia with the worst and best beauty industry, showing how many residents of the federal entities account for each store or salon. "Beauty" infrastructure was assessed in four categories: cosmetics and perfumery, jewelry, facial care and flowers.

Most of the cosmetics stores in the Far East are there in the Amur region, which in Russia is ninth with 1.57 thousand inhabitants per store. Yakutia is one of the top five leaders in the Far East, with 2.15 people per store.

The republic takes bronze in two directions: for one jewelry store we have 3.17 thousand inhabitants, and for a flower shop - 1.29 thousand. The largest variety of jewelry and flowers in the Far Eastern Federal District is offered in Primorsky Krai, where the proportion is as follows: one jewelry store per approximately two thousand residents of Primorye, and the Amur Region, where one flower store per 1.08 thousand inhabitants.

Primorsky Krai and the Amur Region also occupy the first places in terms of the number of beauty salons. In Yakutia it is not difficult to be beautified either. There are only 562 people per one salon, with this number the region is on the fourth place. In the Magadan region, which occupies the last place among all Russian entities, this number is 3.8 thousand inhabitants of the region.

In Russia, the Sakha Republic takes stable 36-37 places in all four categories.