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Yakut artist Kyydaana painted for Telegram at the request of Pavel Durov

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The number of Telegram users has exceeded 200 million people. On this occasion, messenger creator Pavel Durov asked Yakut artist Kyydaana Ignatieva to draw an illustration for mailing to users.

Kydaana 4 Telegram
200 million
users of Telegram received a letter from Pavel Durov with a picture of Kyydaana Ignatieva. "Really cool when 200 million people see your art!" wrote the artist on her account in the social network.

"We communicate with Pavel from time to time; we discuss different ideas. This time he asked if I could draw a poster for a blog in the style of a block-chain. He told the general idea of what he wanted to see, I made some sketches, he chose the right one, and we started work. I drew, showed him, we discussed. This art is digital graphics. It depicts a huge ship with 200 million users that flies into the world of Telegram,” Kyydaana Ignatieva told News.Ykt.Ru.


In the portfolio of the Yakut artist there are already several portraits of the famous businessman - some of them Durov published on his accounts in social networks.

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