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Student Construction Teams start summer season in Yakutia

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On the main square of the republic on the Day of Russia, the summer labor season for student construction teams of Yakutia was officially launched. Acting head of the region Aisen Nikolaev gave good words to 500 members of student construction teams.

"It is noteworthy that the working semester begins on the Day of Russia. This is a chance to show your leadership and organizational talents, an opportunity for people who are not afraid of work and responsibility. This season will be much more intense than usual - the republic has faced the strongest flood in recent years. A lot of people are relying on you, waiting for help in restoring the usual way of life. I am confident that our young people will fulfill their tasks with honor, and with your help Yakutia will return the lives of the victims to normal as soon as possible," Aisen Nikolaev said.

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During the opening of the season, the report on the readiness of construction teams to new labor achievements was provided by Aisen Solovyov, head of the regional department of Russian Student Teams.

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Then the most distinguished students of last season raised the banner of the Yakut regional branch of the Russian Student Teams, which will fly over Lenin Square until the end of the summer semester.

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