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NEFU employees awarded on the Day of Russia

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June 12, on Lenin Square NEFU Acting Rector Evgenia Mikhailova was presented with Letter of Recognition from the Russian President, Professor Anatoly Alekseev, a researcher at the History Department, and Alina Nakhodkina, Assistant Professor of the Institute of Foreign Philology and Regional Studies were awarded with the honorary title of Honored Worker of Education of the RS (Y).

According to the awardees, the title of Honored Worker of Education in Yakutia is recognition of their many years of work and achievements by the authorities of the republic.

"For me it is a very prestigious award, to which I have come a long way. I think that the main reasons for awarding the title are my work in the position of head of the translation department, and also the successful completion of a major project on the translation of the Yakut heroic epic Olonkho 'Nurgun Bootur the Swift' by Platon Oyunsky into English. We are happy that our work in the field of education and science development is highly appreciated," commented Candidate of Philological Sciences Alina Nakhodkina.


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