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Open.Lectures: Traditional clothing and jewelry of the Sakha people

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Scientists of the North-Eastern Federal University will give lectures in the open air on June 15 about the history of the transformation of the Yakut national dress and the value of jewelry in the behavior of people.

NEFU Associate Professor of the Institute of Languages and Culture of the Peoples of the North-East of Russia Svetlana Petrova will devote her lecture to the topic of national clothes. She will examine the origins of the Yakut clothes from the earliest days to the present day.

"Now there is an interest in clothes for Ysyakh. We examine the history and traditions of the Yakut national dress; we reconstruct it for museums according to the traditional canons. National costumes sewed by students and teachers in the Traditional clothes and embroidery laboratory were exhibited at the Museum of Natural History in the United States,” shared the expert.

According to the NEFU Associate Professor of the Faculty of History Kapitolina Yakovleva, jewelry is one of the important elements in the structure of people's behavior: jewelry dictate and declare the behavior of the owner, and also affect the consciousness of others, organizing in turn their behavior.

During the lectures, experts will demonstrate real traditional Yakut dresses and jewelry.

Open lectures are held in the city park every Friday from June 1 to the end of August.