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3rd ‘Cities and People’ International Conference in Yakutsk

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The development of the country is largely governed by the development of cities. We cannot solve all the problems of public health, economy, transport in the state, but making the city more comfortable for living is a realistic objective.

"Huge technological potential is accumulating in the world today, which allows to make a real leap in improving the quality of life of people, in modernizing the economy, infrastructure and public administration. We need to create a modern environment for life, to transform our cities and villages ... A lot depends, of course, on the city and local authorities, on their openness to advanced ideas,” President Vladimir Putin said in his Address to the Federal Assembly.

2018 is declared the Year of Innovation, which closely echoes the call of Vladimir Putin to use modern technologies to improve the lives of citizens. Then, the Head of Yakutsk Aisen Nikolaev noted that the Year of Innovation announced in the capital of Yakutia should bring the most advanced ideas and civic initiatives, the most creative business projects and plans to the forefront.

It is openness to advanced ideas that is the basic concept of 3rd International ‘Cities and People’ Conference. This year, the theme of the Conference, Communications and Digitalization, will bring together representatives of local authorities from different countries, experts and international experts to exchange experiences and communicate ideas and achievements in the development of urban environment, economy and management in conditions of digitalization. The Conference will be held on June 22-23, 2018 in the "Russia - My History” Historical Park in the city of Yakutsk in the format of public hearings and exchange of experience between city communities, government bodies, company managers, etc.

The partners of the Conference are UN Habitat, the International Twin Cities Organization, the World Organization of Sustainable Cities, the International Assembly of Capitals and Major Cities (IAC), the Association "Healthy Cities, Areas and Villages."

Participants will discuss how to improve security, organize an accessible environment for all categories of citizens and improve the comfort of residents. The best proposals and non-standard approaches to solving urban problems will be used to improve the quality of life of Yakutsk residents.

Representatives of 12 countries, public authorities, public organizations will take part in the Conference. There are four sessions:

- Urban Environment - The Space of Communication;

- Urban Communities: A New Communication Culture;

- The Future of the City's Economy in the Era of Digitalization;

- Mass Media: Information Technology and Social Institution.

The Conference is held every two years and is a platform for discussions and exchange of views on sustainability of urban systems, the implementation of new campaigns in the development of urban economies, the urban environment and the formation of a healthy climate for effective interaction among all participants of the urban process.


Head of the Department of Economics of the District Administration of Yakutsk Anna Struchkova speaks about the main topics discussed within the framework of the session ‘The Future of the City Economy in the Digitalization Age’:

"On June 21, in the Satal Park, a Foresight session ‘Transformation Kangalassy 2.0’ will be held to determine the vision of local technological leaders to create the Yakut Silicon Valley on the basis of the Kangalassy microdistrict. The moderator of the event will be the partner of the project ‘Designers of the practice community’ from Moscow Denis Korichin.

And on June 22, within the framework of our session, we will consider the topic of ‘Digitalization as a key trend that determines the direction of the development of the urban economy. Stimulating the growth of new markets in a large-scale process of digital transformation.’ Questions such as "Which of the branches of the city's economy will remain unchanged, and whether it should be encouraged to change? What technologies are beneficial to the northern cities, and which are disrupting usual mode of life and do not take root?" We will also discuss the role of digitalization in the interaction of business with the state, and the interaction of the state with society."

Cities become epicenters of an integrated territorial approach to sustainability, where urbanization and high concentration of human capital create opportunities for all, acting as centers of production, services, knowledge and innovation. Success in achieving the diversity of sustainable development goals depends on the degree of involvement of urban communities, on their participation in planning, on the business and creative initiative, on the quality of communications of civil society, the private sector and authorities. At the same time, global digital transformation is changing the daily life of citizens, the urban environment, and the business sphere. Today, cities around the world form a new agenda for economic growth, social and cultural development, saving the environment, which is based on the modern culture of communication, cooperation and involvement.

"At the second Conference, we extended the program with previous events and this approach is bearing fruit, so this year we also prepared a number of events, for example, ‘Digital Earth: School Projects for Sustainable Urban Development,’ which will take place in the format of a project site, Assembly of Women, Assembly of Youth and Round Tables – ‘People's Concept of the Land of Olonkho Project’ and ‘Space of Traditional Calendar Holidays in the City.’


Within the framework of our panel session, we highlighted such central lines of discussion as ‘Inclusive City: Culture of Good Neighborliness and Openness’ and ‘Social Networks: The Space of Public Communications and the Involvement Tool,’ said Evdokia Evsikova, Deputy Head of Yakutsk Social Affairs, on how the session ‘Urban Communities - a New Communication Culture’ will be held.

The International Conference in the format of a public platform for interaction and exchange of experience of urban communities, experts and other concerned persons will contribute to the achievement of common goals of urban development.


Chief architect of Yakutsk Irina Alekseyeva told how the session ‘Urban Environment - the Space of Communication’ will be held:

"Four blocks will be presented in our session. The first set of questions will be related to the creation of a Regional Competence Center for the development of the urban environment. When discussing this issue, Oleg Zorya, the head of the federal center, will participate. The second topic is ‘Public Spaces, Housing and Communal Services’. Comfortable environment is after all not only a provision of public amenities, but also just sphere of housing and communal services, therefore these topics are united in one. The third topic is Biennale of Contemporary Art. At the Conference we will discuss what art is and how it changes cities and what result can be obtained to ensure a comfortable urban environment, interacting with creative communities and artists. Within the framework of this topic we will have, for example Nikolai Polissky, a famous unique Russian artist. All the world's media write about him and his works, and we hope that in the framework of the Biennale he will also create the author's work for Yakutsk. There will also be a young artist from Lithuania who combines creativity and digitalization and makes modern street art objects. And the fourth topic is the outcome of the round table ‘The Land of Olonkho’ as an object of public space."

The announced Year of Innovation is the year of positive changes in all aspects of life. The ‘Smart and Effective City’ concept is becoming more and more noticeable in the new agenda of Yakutsk development, that is, the formation of an environment based on the successful interaction of communities in digitalization conditions to ensure harmony, comfort and development. It's not just about technological innovations, but, first of all, about the new thinking of a responsible, enterprising and sociable city dweller. Dialogue and partnership of all communities become the main condition for sustainable development of urban environment, economy and civil society. The city of Yakutsk is ready to contribute to the implementation of the goals of the New Urban Agenda in municipal strategies, and through them to the strategies of regions and states.

"Within the framework of our session ‘Mass Media: Information Technologies and Social Institution’ we will consider the topics on the role of media in the current information agenda. Today the media act as an institution of society, providing social communication, connecting the various parts of society. The media not only become an increasingly important intermediary between the individual and the world, but also become the information base of society, a social institution. Media are "helpers" in learning of accessible space, "rules" translators and "feedback" operators. We will also discuss the importance of media and information consumption of modern people in the context of rapid urban growth. Experts of our session will be local journalists and federal, for example, the editor-in-chief of the Interfax-Far East News Agency, Igor Mikheev, secretary of the Union of Journalists of Russia Roman Serebryany, deputy editor-in-chief of Kommersant Dmitri Butrin, the chief editor of news service of the ‘Vesti’ portal Max Lurie, the TV presenter of the ‘Morning of Russia’ program of the Russia 1 TV channel Elena Nikolaeva. Both local journalists, bloggers and active citizens will take part as participants," shared the Deputy Chairman of the Public Chamber of Yakutsk, General Director of ‘Sitim’ Media Group Maria Khristoforova.


26th session of the International Assembly of Capitals and Major Cities ‘Social Innovation. Blood donation as an element of social policy’ will be held within the Conference. And on June 23 all participants of the Conference are invited to take part in the national holiday of Ysyakh of Tuymaada 2018.

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