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Yakutia to take part in the contest of best practices in the field of national relations

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national relations

The All-Russian Public Organization ‘The Assembly of the Peoples of Russia’ and the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization ‘Resource Center in the Sphere of National Relations’ hold the All-Russian Contest of Best Practices in the Sphere of National Relations

The contest is held within the framework of the project ‘My Russia is the unity of peoples. Organization of the network of resource centers in the sphere of national relations’ with the use of the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society.

The All-Russian contest of best practices in the field of national relations will identify promising initiatives to strengthen the unity of the Russian nation, the ethno-cultural development of the peoples of Russia and provide their authors with expert and organizational support for the further promotion of projects.

The contest is open to both organizations and individuals. The relevance and social significance of the project, the possibility of its practical implementation and replication, prospects for development will be assessed.

The results of the contest will be announced by July 19. The best projects will be posted on the National Relations Resource Center's website, published in a collection of methodological materials, recommended for replication in the regions of Russia. Seven of them will be presented at the congress dedicated to 20th anniversary of the Assembly of the Peoples of Russia.
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