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Suglan will gather Indigenous Peoples of the North

  • Published in Society
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50 activists and public figures from among the small-numbered peoples of the North of Yakutia will meet at 4th Youth Suglan of Yakutia

It will be held on August 6-8 on the territory of Yus Khatyng. As the organizers said, for three days the members of the Suglan will stay in a tent camp and develop social projects.

The word suglan is translated from the Evenki language as meeting. The event is timed to the celebration of the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples. Suglan 2018 was organized by members of the Youth Council of the Association of Indigenous Peoples of Yakutia.

50 participants of the Youth Suglan will be divided into three teams, each of which will have to develop and defend its project. They will spend three days in the area of Yus Khatyng. The educational program is expected to be very busy: discussion platforms, working with experts, case studies and a round table on the protection of the rights of indigenous peoples of the world.

"On the last day, based on the results of the work, an extended meeting of the Association's Board will be held, where the results of the activities for the year will be summed up and recommendations for the future will be adopted,” said the organizers of the Youth Suglan.

The participants will meet with the acting head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev, choose the president of the Youth Suglan, hold a beauty contest and master oratory. They will also take part in sports games of the peoples of the North (jumping over sledges, Evenki football, Noori), master classes in circular dances, a guitar song contest and even a tattoo festival.