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The Lena bridge - an important link in Northern latitudinal belt of Russia

  • Published in Society
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The construction of the Lena bridge and the further development of the Viluy road can become serious links in the process of creating the Northern latitudinal belt of Russia, the interim head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, believes. He said this at a meeting of the campaign train dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Komsomol, YSIA reports.

"The Lena bridge will connect the West and the East of the country along the northern latitude belt, the need for which economists have been saying for many decades," he said. At the same time, the interim head of Yakutia stressed that it does not matter what the bridge will be - a joint or an automobile bridge. It is much more important to wait for the corresponding decision to be issued.

"The main thing is that a decision should be made - a bridge across the Lena River in the Yakutsk area will be built," said Aisen Nikolaev.