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A wedding in the “Lena Pillars” park

  • Published in Society
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The first wedding ceremony in the history of the "Lena Pillars" park was held on August 9. Sandaara and Alexander Chemezov, the just married, tied the knot on the Lena's banks

The bride said that was her relatives who proposed to celebrate the wedding on the "Lena Pillars".

We’re people of activity, like always on the trot, so we got enthusiastic about the idea. It seemed impossible at first, but you know, anything can be done if you put your mind to it. We greatly appreciate our parent’s help and help of the park’s staff. We didn’t even expect they would help us so much,” says Sandaara, the bride.

She also says they had difficulties delivering guests to the ceremony place but the administration of the park assisted them a lot.

The Chemezovs live in Yakutsk. Sandaara works as a manager in Sakha Tea Company. Alexander is a PE teacher in the village of Tumul. A small wedding of 40 people, was the first in the history of the "Lena Pillars" park.