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International Arctic School in Yakutia opens in 2019

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Intl Arctic School

About a third of teachers of International Arctic School in Yakutia will be certified teachers of international bachelor programs - native speakers of the English language, reports TASS.

"The teaching staff will be formed by 70 percent of the number of regional teachers with knowledge of the English language. We have to train them: some have already been trained and underwent internships. It is planned to attract foreign teachers who are certified by the International Baccalaureate Program," reported Feodosia Gabysheva, the head of the Yakutia parliamentary committee on science, education, culture, the media and public organizations, and the project leader.

According to Gabysheva, the school building is being actively built, it is 70-80 percent ready. Commissioning is scheduled for December 2019. Thus, the school can open in the second quarter of the next school year. The first stage of the students’ selection is completed in the format of the Olympiad of the International Arctic School.

“The school is open to all pupils of the republic. There are issues that concern children from the northern and arctic regions of the republic. Quotas are possible, but for this it is necessary to develop regulatory documents,” the chairperson of the parliamentary committee noted.

The International Arctic School is aimed at the development of international cooperation between the countries of the Arctic in the field of educational activities. The international status of the School will be confirmed by the ongoing programs of the International Baccalaureate (IB), accreditation in the Council of International Schools (CIS), international educational projects of the United Nations, UNESCO, the Arctic Council and the Northern Forum.