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‘Tales of the North’ in the network!

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This year, in honor of its twentieth anniversary, the joint-stock company Almazy Anabara, a subsidiary of PJSC ALROSA, released the multimedia disc Tales of the Peoples of the North, which included more than 30 fairy tales, traditions and epic stories in seven languages of the peoples of the North.


On November 2, an online launch of the collection Tales of the Peoples of the North was held at the Institute of Humanitarian Studies and Problems of the Peoples of the North of the SB RAS. The collection contains works in the Dolgan, Russian, Chukchi, Evenki, Even, Yukagir, Yakut languages. Folklore materials are presented in text and audio form.

“The idea of creating this project appeared long ago. And it was in honor of the 20th anniversary of the company that it was decided to implement the idea and release a collection of fairy tales of the peoples of the North living in the Almazy Anabara area of activity. This is a collection of fairy tales of the peoples of the North, who live in the area where our Company operates. And, as you know, our Company is working in the Arctic zone. The disc contains tales of different nations, next to whom we live and work. Why did we start working on this project? This is our small contribution to the development and preservation of languages. It’s no secret that due to urbanization, native languages gradually lose their original appearance. We want our history, culture, languages not to be forgotten,” said Pavel Marinychev, General Director of Almazy Anabara, at the presentation.

Pavel Marinychev noted that this project will be a start for further development and collection of new information. “It seems to me that the project has the prospect for further development and creation of an informative resource, which would contain tales, songs and books,” he shared.

The uniqueness of the project Tales of the Peoples of the North lies in the fact that it was realized through the cooperation of linguists, artists, illustrators, media and volunteers. The tales are voiced by actors of the Olonkho Theater, Pushkin Russian Dramatic Theater, students of the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Art, and students of the NEFU philological faculty. The staff of the Institute of Humanitarian Studies and the Problems of Indigenous Peoples of the North of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as the branch of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company - 'Sakha' State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, provided invaluable assistance in creating the collection.

SkazkiNarodovSevera5Tatiana Argunova, Scientific Secretary of the Institute of Humanitarian Studies and the Problems of Indigenous Peoples of the North of the SB RAS, told about the activities of the institute and the department of northern philology, which conducts research on the language and culture of northern peoples: “Our specialists are speakers of Even, Evenki, Yukagir languages. For about 60 years, they have been doing a great job of researching, preserving the languages and folklore of the indigenous peoples of the North.”

SkazkiNarodovSevera6Innokentiy Kirensky, Head of the Broadcasting Service of the Sakha State Television and Radio Company, noted that the collection is valuable to the public with its content. “It will remain for all ages, preserving the languages of the peoples who inhabit the territory of Yakutia. We are pleased that the project of the Almazy Anabara Company has a big role for Yakutians. I hope that the social responsibility shown by the company will be felt not only by the residents of our republic, but also by the entire population of the country. I am glad that the project and our long-term cooperation with the Institute and the Company will continue.”
SkazkiNarodovSevera7“It is gratifying that the Almazy Anabara put forward this project, supported it and brought it to its logical conclusion. Thanks to these efforts, a collection of fairy tales saw the light. I hope that the collection will be distributed in the field of the company's activities, taking into account the fact that the Internet is not available in all northern districts. We hope that in the future our cooperation on the replenishment of the resource will continue,” said the Vice President of the Association of Indigenous Minorities of Yakutia Vyacheslav Shadrin.

During the presentation, Tamara Andreeva, Leading Researcher of the Institute of Philology and Culture of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, offered to release a collection of songs and round dances of the peoples of the North.
SkazkiNarodovSevera8Great work has been done to preserve the folklore of the peoples of the North and to popularize it among children. The collection includes fairy tales, which saw the light for the first time. Among them are many legends of tundra and forest Yukagirs, which were described from retellings by folk storytellers and translated into Russian. Many characters of Dolgan, Even, Evenki, Chukchi and Yukaghir tales and legends were painted for the first time.
SkazkiNarodovSevera9“In addition to new characters, you will meet on the “pages” of the electronic edition with well-known old woman Beyberiken, the bogatyr Ilya Muromets, the boastful Hare and the cunning Fox. “What is interesting, all the outfits of the characters correspond to the ancient canonical clothes of the peoples of the North. The uniqueness of our electronic publication is that it will be interesting not only to children and parents, but also to teachers of languages of indigenous minorities of the North, thanks to the attached texts in the original and Russian languages,” reported Almazy Anabara.

Now everyone can get acquainted with folk creations in Evenk, Evenk, Dolgan, Yukagir, Chukchi, Yakut and Russian languages on
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