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New health facility in Verkhoyansk

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Poloklinika Verhoyan1
In Verkhoyansk district of Yakutia, the construction of a new 2-storey therapeutic building and children's department for 30 beds with a polyclinic is underway. It is assumed that the facility will be ready by October 2020.

According to experts, the new medical facility will improve the quality of medical services provided. Here, up to 180 patients can be taken in one shift.

“The construction of a therapeutic and children's department in the town of Batagai of Verkhoyansk district began in 2017. The facility will be commissioned in IV quarter of 2020.
This year, the general contractor completed the building frame assembly. Building materials, in particular stone blocks, are made on site. Work is currently being done on the construction of the roof, floors and more.
The customer of the object Atlant LLC has mastered 137 million out of the 150 million allocated in 2018. The total value of the object is 528 million 565 thousand rubles. Next year, finishing works will be fully completed and medical equipment purchased. On behalf of the local population, I express my gratitude to the management of the ALROSA diamond-mining company and the government of the republic. We hope that despite the difficult economic situation in the whole country, the construction of such an important social facility will be continued. It is pleasant that due attention is paid to the northerners. And ALROSA makes a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the republic," noted the head of Verkhoyansk district Gavril Chirikov.

According to the head, at present, the district administration, along with the construction of a new health facility, is raising the issue of building an 18-apartment stone house for medical workers.

“The old wooden 2-storey building of the therapeutic and children's departments of the Central District Hospital was built in 1965. And it got out of order. Last year, the dilapidated building was demolished. We are excited to observe the construction of a new stone building. All necessary trades have been conducted by us. Next year we should purchase equipment. Since the object is located on the territory of the Central District Hospital, we have the opportunity to monitor the progress of work and quality every day,” said Chief Doctor of the Central District Hospital Olga Gatilova.

Reference: The object is being built at the expense of donations from ALROSA to the Fund of Future Generations of Yakutia. The total funding from the start of work amounted to 243,657.20 thousand rubles.

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