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Yakutia's authorities to help people switch to digital TV broadcasting

  • Published in Society

All levels of government should provide support to the population in the transition from over-the-air to digital television. The position of the government of Yakutia was voiced at a meeting with the heads of municipalities.

“Since 2019, throughout the country, subsidies to the on-air transmission of federal TV channels have ceased. The goal is to make the transition from analogue to digital television broadcast as smooth as possible for the population,” warned the Deputy Prime Minister of Yakutia, Kirill Bychkov.

He reminded that at the federal level, it was decided to start disconnecting analog television from February, and not from January 15, 2019, as previously announced.

The Ministry of Innovation, Digital Development and Information and Communication Technologies of the Republic notes that today 95% of the population of the republic is in the coverage area of digital terrestrial broadcasting. According to the agreements, operators of the Orion Group of Companies and NTV-PLUS will provide free access to satellite television to the remaining 5% of residents, as well as a 30 percent discount from the market price of satellite dish and receiving equipment. The cost of one set is 4-4.5 thousand rubles.

Currently, a survey is being conducted in the republic to assess the readiness of the population to switch to digital TV broadcasting. However, in some areas there are questions about how people on the ground are ready to turn off the analog. In the zone of special attention - the delivery and installation of satellite equipment in hard to access and remote settlements, as well as the provision of material assistance to socially vulnerable citizens to purchase it.