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‘Diamonds of Yakutia’ International Contest to be held in Yakutsk

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Diamonds of Yakutia Ice Sculptures Contest
On November 25, Yakutsk will host the 'Diamonds of Yakutia' International Ice and Snow Sculptures Contest as part of the All-Russian 'Winter Starts In Yakutia' Festival

This year, 25 teams volunteered to demonstrate their skills. Participants from Canada, China, Mongolia and Belarus will compete with the Yakut and Russian masters.

This time the main theme of the competition is The Legend of Winter. Contestants are given three days to translate their ideas into ice and snow.

Last year, the only female team competed with ice sculpture masters. As one of the participants, Aleksandra Neustroeva, shared, for her the most important thing in the contest is the exchange of experience: “We will take part in the competition for the second time. We have already prepared a sketch. We chose the characters of Yakut fairy tales. Difficulties may arise from the technical side. It happens that sometimes you cannot connect the ice with water, and it cracks. We are optimistic, even if we don’t win a prize, we’ll definitely have a good experience.”

The contest will be held in two nominations: ice and snow sculptures. The citizens and guests will be able to follow the process of creating an ice fairy tale on the territory of the Ice Town.

According to the Culture and Spiritual Development Department of the District Administration of Yakutsk, a professional jury composed of artists and sculptors, representatives of the Union of Artists of Russia and Yakutia, masters of international level will evaluate the works. There are many criteria: from covering the topic to the rationality of the use of the material, also the visual and aesthetic impact of the sculpture.

Summing up the ‘Diamonds of Yakutia’ International Contest and awarding the winners will be held on December 1.