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New crown for Miss Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

  • Published in Society
Miss Yakutia crown

The most beautiful girl will be crowned with a high diadem of silver with diamonds and precious stones in the national style. A new crown was created by the Algys Jewelry Salon.

The contest is organized by the IDOL model agency at the LOFT studio. The new team presented a new crown for the most beautiful Yakut girl. The elegant diadem, 14 cm high, is made of 925 sterling silver, decorated with amethyst and topaz and studded with 23 diamonds.

“The patterns of the central ornament of the crown denote the desire for light and at the same time remind of the roots. It is decorated with two natural stones - amethyst of 34 carats with an unusual color and blue topaz in the form of dewdrop. These gems will give good luck, personify the unusual beauty of girls and symbolize purity, they are also a valuable talisman," Elena Kytchkina, the founder of the Algys jewelry salon, told about the crown.

According to her, diamonds are like hoarfrost, and the patterns on the tiara resemble frosty patterns and an infinity sign. The weight of the crown without stones is 150 grams.

The crown will be transferred from one beautiful winner to another each year, it will be stored in the Algys salon. In addition to the crown, the winner will receive a Hyundai Solaris car.

‘Miss Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)’ is the only contest that has the right to send the winner to ‘Miss Russia’. We will choose the most beautiful girl of the republic on December 22.