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Results of 7th ‘Diamonds of Yakutia’ International Snow & Ice Sculptures Contest in Yakutsk

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On December 1 the results of 7th ‘Diamonds of Yakutia’ International Snow and Ice Sculptures Contest - one of the main events of the ‘Winter Starts In Yakutia’ Winter Festival – were announced in Yakutsk

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This year, along with Yakut masters, sculptors from Mongolia, Canada, Belarus, China competed for the title of the best.

In the Ice Town masters created real works of art from natural materials for three days.

Winners in the ‘Ice Sculpture’ nomination - masters from Yakutsk, Roman Petrov and Ivan Rumyantsev, ‘The North Wind’ sculpture.

In the ‘Snow Sculpture’ - Nyurba sculptors Gerasim Maksimov and Avgust Mikhailov, ‘Chuchuna’ sculpture.

The third place was taken by the snow composition ‘Taste of Freedom,’ which was carved by the Belarusians Pavel Leonov and Vasily Timashov, as well as the ‘Uluu Kudan’ sculpture by local masters Nikolai Petrov and Roman Petukhov.

Deputy Mayor Vasily Gogolev noted the extreme working conditions and endurance of the contestants: “The Ice and Snow Sculptures Contest is expanding every year, and there are more and more participants. The skill of the participants is growing and with it the level of organization grows too.”

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“The result of three-day work of the sculptors in harsh conditions looks beautiful and spectacular.
Today is a wonderful day, since it is from this day that the real winter comes all around the country. I express my gratitude to the participants and sponsors of this contest," said the head of Culture and Spiritual Development Department of Yakutsk, Antonida Koryakina.