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Professor from the Netherlands conducts a math marathon in Yakutia

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Ton van den Hout praises the Yakut schoolchildren for hardworking and ingenuity

Ton van den Hout, Maths teacher and blogger from the Netherlands, arrived in Yakutia. Our guest from Holland conducts a math marathon on the route Yakutsk-Maya-Churapcha-Ytyk Kyuel-Oymyakon-Yakutsk in schools of the republic. This is not the first visit of Mr. Hout to the republic. In the spring of 2018, he, together with students of the Yakutsk City National Gymnasium, conducted various experiments in the cold. Also Ton van den Hout organized an open competition for teachers of Mathematics in English among satellite schools of the International Arctic School.

Math marathon started in Maya, in V.P. Larionov high school, where Ton van den Hout conducted three lessons. 90 students of 6-11 grades attended his lessons. At first, the schoolchildren had a hard time: they had to grasp the meaning of the task, because the professor taught the lessons in English. When the children understood what was required of them, the language barrier did not prevent to do sums. The most active were students of 6-7 grades.

Ton van den Hout was very pleased with the outcome of the two-day marathon. He praised the Yakut schoolchildren's motivation, hardworking and ingenuity. The children liked that the professor explains the material in a very clear and intelligible way, and during his studies one must think logically.