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Future Generation Park - yesterday's dream, today's reality

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IrinaAlekseeva pbp
Irina Alekseyeva (center)

Future Generation Park will be built with the financial support of ALROSA

An example of a modern, functional and year-round space, taking into account modern global trends, as well as ideas and initiatives of young people, all this is embodied in the Future Generation Park project. The place, actively discussed from year to year, and the dream of young people of Yakutsk of more than one generation, has acquired its very real outlines.

The Future Generation Park will be located in the center of the city in the territory of city block 79 of Yakutsk, near the campus of the Ammosov NEFU, 10-minute walk from its center. It is surrounded by residential buildings, schools, which, along with the lack of a number of alternative places for recreation, immediately makes this park a sought-after place.

Those who initiated the idea of such a park proposed a concept of space in which there is a place not only for young people, but also for children and their parents, who should be provided with a playground with a safe rubber coating. For teenagers, there is a skate park and a workout zone, in general, a modern park for various kinds of recreation. Thus, the park’s principal magnet was to become almost everything, including new forms of cultural events: open city festivals, concert and festive programs.

Today, the Future Generation Park project in Yakutsk is a real project showing a completely new quality of the urban environment. The project is approved by the government of the republic and included in the list of objects of the Targeted Program ‘In the name of the Future’ for 2018-2020 of the Trust Fund for Future Generations of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), funded by ALROSA.

Chief Architect of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), member of the jury of the competition Irina Alekseyeva:

“Yakutia is at a new stage of development, and today the new team of the government under the leadership of the head of the republic Aisen Nikolaev sets itself ambitious and serious tasks, such as developing cities in the most difficult climatic conditions. It should be noted that the Future Generation Park of is a real project, for the realization of which funds have already been raised, and it must show a completely new quality of the urban environment. The creation of this park will be a real breakthrough in the development of the city and show that the capital of Yakutia can develop along with other cities of Russia, and even the world. Accessibility, openness and friendliness are the three pillars of the future public space. The goal of the park is to compensate for the limited (in comparison with the temperate zones) possibilities (climatic and seasonal) of traditional public urban spaces of Yakutsk - squares, recreational areas, pedestrian streets, etc."

New type space

Despite the location of the Park in extreme climatic conditions, it should become a city park of a completely new type for the Russian Far North: maximum functional and year-round.

In the period from November 2018 to January 2019, an architectural competition was held to develop the concept and master plan of the park's territory in order to attract the creative powers of architects and landscape designers to search for interesting conceptual ideas on creating a new public recreational space.

The project combines the functions of a park and city event center. At the heart of the architectural concept is the modern reinterpretation of the ancient Yakut epos, cultural images, symbols, ornaments. Also, architects were inspired by the local nature with its alases, river meanders, permafrost crystals. The proposed designer SAKHAblock is a universal modular architectural and landscape unit; the designer, who sets new design standards, allows to build comfortable authentic public spaces in any city in the Far North and unlock the full potential of the republic of Sakha and its inhabitants.

This multifunctional public space also provides a place for children and their parents who can find different types of leisure activities. In the park, in addition to the landscaped area, it is planned to build a youth center, which will provide the needs of young people in year-round leisure.

“We hope that the Future Generation Park not far from the university campus, where the young heart of Yakutsk beats, will become a unique place. We live in a unique city, and we not only just survive in the snow and ice, but love, create and dream. This project should be the embodiment of our dreams, our vision of the future," the head of Yakutsk, Sardana Avksentieva, noted during a meeting with the finalists of the competition for the development of an architectural concept and master plan for the territory of the Future Generation Park.

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The creators of the future park project are confident that in the conditions of the harsh Yakut winter, it should be equipped with a system of closed warm spaces, which meets the requirements of the competition for year-round exploitation of the territory. They will be located on the second level, in order to save quadrature and not to take it away from the green zone and other amenities. Warm spaces are divided into three blocks:

- co-working center, library, exhibition halls, conference room;

- training centers, a zone for the elderly and sports facilities;

- shops, cafes.

But the park spaces themselves will be divided into four zones. The first is a quiet rest area. The second is an event zone in which they intend to locate an amphitheater for various city and republican events. The third is a children's area with playgrounds. The fourth - an active recreation area for people who want to play sports and promote healthy lifestyles.

One of the best projects in Russia

With the Future Generation Park project, the city of Yakutsk (out of more than 2000 applications) entered the TOP-15 finalists of the '100 City Leaders' Acceleration Program competition organized by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI). The results of the large-scale competition were announced on February 15 on the fields of the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.

As the head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, stressed, the Future Generation Park should set standards for the development of new public territories in the republic, meet all the requirements of people living in extreme natural and climatic conditions and reflect our national identity, northern coloring.

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“A beautiful, creative project developed by the ‘ATRIUM / Vostok +’ consortium was made using advanced technologies. At the same time, it is very important that it takes into account the identity and original culture of Yakutia, the peculiarities of life in the Arctic,” said the head of Yakutia.

The Future Generation Park to the 100th anniversary of the Republic

The Fund for Future Generation announced at the start of the construction of the park a figure of 200 million rubles as part of the ‘Comfortable Urban Environment’ program, which will be used only for improvement, excluding the construction of buildings located in it. 3.8 million rubles was spent on the architectural competition.

At the moment, when the date for implementing the ‘Future Generation Park' project is still unknown, the chief architect of Yakutia and the head of Yakutsk would like the city residents to see the unique object by the centenary of the republic's autonomy to be celebrated in 2022.

According to the members of the working group involved in the project, the final version of the park will take into account the maximum number of wishes of Yakutsk residents, including a parking lot, horizontal bar facilities and a skate park, which the winner's project does not include.