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ALROSA has assisted in the construction of a school in Abyi

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The Abyi village hosted the opening of a new building for the A.E. Sleptsov Secondary School

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The construction of the school was conducted by the Future Generations Foundation with the financial support of ALROSA. In total, over 332 million rubles were allocated to the facility, of which just over 9 million were spent on the improvement and upgrading of the adjacent territories.

The new facility is a modern, two-story stone building and has 90 seats. The school has a separate spacious gym, an assembly hall, a dining room with a kitchen. The school is equipped with new educational furniture, there is an equipped language room for foreign language classes. For carrying out laboratory work at the lessons of physics and chemistry, school desks are equipped with special taps.

“The opening of a new school or kindergarten building is always a joyous event, and the construction of a facility in such a remote place as the village of Abyi is a real festal day for local residents. For our company, it is extremely important to participate in such projects, which allow not only to improve the existing infrastructure, but also to help children from remote villages get a decent education,” Deputy Director General of ALROSA Aleksey Dyachkovsky noted.

Social facilities financed by ALROSA are built by the Future Generations Fund on an annual basis.

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