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Yukaghirs gathered in Andryushkino for Congress

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On April 3 and 4, the 6th Congress of the Yukaghir people was held in the village of Andryushkino, Nizhnekolymsky District, in the framework of which the chairmen of the Council of Elders and the Association of Yukaghir were re-elected.

According to the press service of the Ministry for Arctic Development and Northern Peoples Affairs of the Republic, guests from various parts of Yakutia and Russia participated in the congress: Verkhnekolymsky, Srednekolymsky, Allaikhovsky, Ust-Yansky uluses, Yakutsk, as well as the Chukotka Autonomous Region and the city of St. Petersburg.

The Deputy Minister for Arctic Development of the Arctic and Northern Peoples Affairs of the RS (Y) Mikhail Pogodaev took part in the congress.

The congress held an on-site meeting of the Standing Committee of the State Assembly (Il Tumen) on the indigenous issues of the North and Arctic on the theme ‘Implementation of the law of the RS (Y) on the Suktul of the Yukaghir People’ and a round table on the state and development of the Yukaghir language and culture.

During the discussion, the delegates of the congress noticed that the Suktuls did not enjoy their legal status; the issue of gratuitous use of pastures and land for traditional nature use was not resolved; due to the climatic conditions, the reindeer herding in the Olerinsky Suktul is in a difficult situation; hunting activity in Nelemnoye Suktul is virtually collapsed; the optimization process in the social sphere continues, so far not a single Yukaghir language textbook has been prepared according to the standards of the Federal State Educational Standards and much more.

The election of the composition of the Council of Elders and the chairman was held, and the board of the Yukaghir Association of the RS (Y) was renewed, the chairman was re-elected. As a result, Vyacheslav Shadrin was elected chairman of the Council of Elders, and Valery Sentyakov became the leader of the Association.

In addition to the business program, the exhibition of the traditional dwelling, lifestyle of the Yukaghirs and the Evens of the Andryushkino village, the ‘Yukagir Patterns’ applied arts exhibition of were organized, as well as 'Ancestral Game' sports competitions, 'Nomadic Family' competition and reindeer herders' gathering.

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