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NEFU among the best world universities in natural sciences

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North-Eastern Federal University entered the Copper League ranking of TOP 500 Best Universities in natural sciences of the Round University Ranking 2018 international agency, rising to 26 positions in the world ranking, the press service of the university reports.

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Yakutsk inaugurates Teacher's Boulevard

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On the Day of Statehood of Yakutia, the capital of the republic hosted the grand opening of Teacher’s Boulevard. The center of the new public space is the bronze monument to the national teacher Mikhail Alekseev.
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September 27 - Day of Statehood


The Transfiguration Cathedral of the city of Yakutsk on the Day of Statehood today, on September 27, hosted a prayer service for prosperity of Yakutia
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Yakutsk discusses men's health

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September 25, the Public Center of the republic hosted a round table dedicated to the problems of men's health and their impact on the demography and economy of the region.
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Kharyskhal children’s center funded by ALROSA opens in Mirny

Moscow, September 3, 2018 – A new building of Kharyskhal Children's Rehabilitation Center, for the construction of which ALROSA allocated RUB 120 million, opened in Mirny on September 3. The opening ceremony was attended by the acting Head of the Republic Aysen Nikolayev, the Head of Mirny District Municipal Entity Rishat Yuzmukhametov, ALROSA’s First Deputy CEO – Executive Director Igor Sobolev.

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