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The Coldest Disco World Record set in Yakutia!

Coldest disco1
Residents of the town of Srednekolymsk danced in the frost at -43C. There were three times more people than expected. They went on dancing for another hour after the required time has been fixed. Even 100-year-old long-liver and one-year old boy have taken part in the event.
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Rare Yakut horses brought to Altai for tourists


Belokurikha Resort in the Altai region has purchased three horses of the Yakut breed - a stallion and two mares – for its touristic Siberian Farmstead. They are the first representative of this breed of horses in the region. The new residents of the complex are direct descendants of the horses that lived in the Ice Age. They are one of the most frost-resistant and unpretentious: even in winter, they are able to find food on their own. The Yakut breed can be found in the natural environment only in Chukotka and Yakutia.
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Korean professors share agricultural experience with Yakut scientists


Representatives of two South Korean universities participated in the international scientific-practical conference "Climate impact on livestock management and technology of growing plants indoors in cold regions", which was held in early January in the Yakut State Agricultural Academy.

The main objective of the conference was the exchange of best practices, international partnership in the field of agriculture in the Arctic zone, bringing together specialists in various fields of knowledge for the search for new, non-standard solutions in cold climates.
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Apple is the best seller of smartphones in Russia


By the end of 2014, for the first time, the American company Apple surpassed the Korean Samsung, becoming the leader on the Russian market of smartphones in monetary terms, writes the Kommersant newspaper.

The turnover of Apple from smartphone sales in Russia in 2014 amounted to 67 billion rubles, increasing the American company's market share to 30%.
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Prince Albert II of Monaco supports young herders of the North

Prince A II
Within the framework of the “Arctic Frontiers” international conference in Tromsø (Norway) on January 19 the University of the Arctic has presented the EALLIN program for the Prince of Monaco Albert II.The project is implemented by the “World Reindeer Herders” association and supported by the head of the princely house.
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Vladimir Putin presented husky puppy to 4-year-old girl from Vilyuysk

Girl with Putins dog
To get a New Year gift, parents with children write letters not only to Santa Claus, but also to the President of the Russian Federation.So did the inhabitants of the city of Vilyuysk Vasily and Inna Pakhomovs. On December 29, they wrote a letter to the Russian president with a request to present a puppy Husky.
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