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We'll build Cancer Center on our own

Oncology CenterDecember 24, 2014 held Il Tymen parliamentary hearings about the status and prospects of the republic health security development. MP Alena Atlasova reminded the problem of Cancer Center construction in Yakutsk.
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7 attractions of Yakutia

The Lena PillarsLena pillars

The Lena Pillars - a product of nature so powerful and incredible, that an impression the Pillars produce is difficult to put into words.When you look at them, "captures the spirit" - this is probably the most accurate description.
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Yakut beauty in a new role

Yakut beauty

IA SakhaLife

During the Festival of national culture of indigenous people of Yakutia "Kun kuo" Beauty and Talent contest, different from others, will take place in the beginning of next year.
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2015 - The Year of People's Solidarity in Yakutsk

Mayor House
RIG SAKHAPRESS.RU On December 24 at a Pre New Year meeting with MPs and the public, head of the city of Yakutsk Aisen Nikolayev declared 2015 the Year of People’s Solidarity in Yakutsk."Social cohesion and unity, efficient municipal-private partnership, shared responsibility for further improvement of Yakutsk for the benefit of each of its residents – that’s how I see the main landmarks in the coming year" - said the head.
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Yakutsk will host the festival of beauty

IA SakhaLife

January 30-31 2015 in Yakutsk in the "Triumph" Sports Complex will be held Republican Beauty Expo and III open independent hairdressing, nail design and color cosmetics championship, which will take place within a year of business in Russia.
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