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2015 - The Year of People's Solidarity in Yakutsk

Mayor House
RIG SAKHAPRESS.RU On December 24 at a Pre New Year meeting with MPs and the public, head of the city of Yakutsk Aisen Nikolayev declared 2015 the Year of People’s Solidarity in Yakutsk."Social cohesion and unity, efficient municipal-private partnership, shared responsibility for further improvement of Yakutsk for the benefit of each of its residents – that’s how I see the main landmarks in the coming year" - said the head.
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Yakutsk will host the festival of beauty

IA SakhaLife

January 30-31 2015 in Yakutsk in the "Triumph" Sports Complex will be held Republican Beauty Expo and III open independent hairdressing, nail design and color cosmetics championship, which will take place within a year of business in Russia.
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Foreign workers are leaving cold Yakutia, but not because of the ruble

foreign workers
RIG SAKHAPRESS.RU Migrant workers from the near abroad emigrate from Yakutia not because of the weakened ruble, but rather an extremely cold temperature that prevails in the region in December. IA REGNUM correspondent found out that only those stay in the republic who have a guaranteed job during this period.
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Dramatic increase in Chinese tourists traveling to Russia


After the weakening of the ruble, Chinese tour operators are facing a massive demand for tourist trips to Russia. It is expected that the peak of bookings will fall on the Chinese New Year.

The fall of the Russian currency makes Chinese travelers book tours to Russia even in winter, writes China Daily.
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Minus 50 Celsius again in Yakutia

As reported in the Yakutsk Hydrometeorological management morning December 18, 2014 in more than thirty towns of the Republic of Sakha, including Yakutsk, the registered outdoor temperature is -45 degrees Celsius and below.

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Russian Geographical Society and National Broadcasting Company VGTRK presenting Expedition Project


From December 1, Russia 1 TV channel will be showing unique break bumpers, depicting most amazing, beautiful and remote places of our country. The aim of the project is not just to show the variety of natural landscapes, but also to enable millions of Russians to get to know their country, to feel the vastness of its open spaces, to see all the richness of the living world.
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Sakha (Yakutia) delegation in Mongolia


December 4 saw a meeting of the delegation from the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) headed by A. Artemyev, Minister of Agriculture and Food Policy of the republic, with Bayanzharal Tsongtgerel, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Industry of Mongolia.

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