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Akureyri – The Heart of the North

Akureyri 1
The Regional coordinators meeting of the Northern Forum will be held in Akureyri, Iceland, November 3rd–6th 2014. The municipality of Akureyri welcomes the delegation from The Sakha Republic (Yakutia) as well as all other participants from the regions and towns of the Northern Forum and other guests.
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Second Life of Mammoth

10,000 years ago, an elderly mammoth was walking on the ice, when suddenly ice beneath it cracked and a gigantic body fell into water. Today, the lost animal has a chance to rise again.
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The Arctic – Focus on the East

The Arctic. Around this region there was always some excitement as the Arctic has always been one of the richest regions among terrestrial areas, having favorable transport links and, of course, important climate system for the entire planet.The region is undergoing large-scale climate change, international cooperation has reached a new level of cooperation, and there are all the necessary technologies for the study and development of the Arctic.Sure, there are a lot of questions.  Here is one of them - if the Arctic is ready itself to such universal interest of the entire world? And how about its people?  II Lensky meeting on “The Geopolitics of the East. XXI Century” was held in Yakutsk in 2014 to answer these questions, which was attended by representatives of such countries as Russia, China, Korea and Japan.Participants met in a beautiful place called Tabaginsky Mys, where they had a few hours of hot debates concerning the Arctic and the role of Yakutia in its development.
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Yuka Mammoth to be exhibited in Moscow


The mammoth of Yakutia has arrived in Moscow from Vladivostok by train. October 28 at 15.00 Yuka mammoth was brought to the Central House of Artists, where it will become the main exhibit of Exhibition dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the Russian Geographical Society, told IA YakutiaMedia in the Academy of Sciences of Sakha (Yakutia).
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Evens Congress to be held in the capital of Yakutia

Эвенский Съезд
IA SakhaLife

Millennial history of the ethnic group shows convincing results of the preservation of rich cultural traditions, distinctive economic structure, which can rightly be regarded as an important component of the entire circumpolar civilization.
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My work is the point of life

Vast expanses of the Yakut village. Pristine snow stays in the fields, decorating the Yakut ground.Somewhere out there in the woods a herd of horses is roaming. Stately, proud, beautiful animals.
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“Diamond way” to “Diamond Week”

The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - the largest constituent of the Russian Federation, which has no analogues in the world neither by its size nor by natural and climatic conditions.These unique features of the region are actively used for the development of the tourism industry.The seriousness of the attitude to tourism in Yakutia is proved by the fact that the relevant ministry of the Government of the Republic is engaged in its development and a specially designed operator - National Tourist Company "Yakutia".This careful attention to this area of the economy has been resulted in the emergence of a number of successful brands targeted at attracting visitors from different regions of Russia and abroad.One of the most striking and impressive brands is the traditional "Diamond Week of Yakutia".
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