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Mirny in anticipation of the upcoming festival

April 12 - 18, the hurricane of emotions will overwhelm the Diamond Province - the 'Nastroenie' Festival. Legends of Soviet and Russian hockey will arrive in Mirny, Aikhal and Udachny. The Festival is organized by ALROSA and the Russian Ice Hockey Federation.

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1st ALROSA Cup in Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll

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Last weekend in Mirny the 'Kimberlite' Sports Palace hosted the official rating competitions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - ALROSA Cup in acrobatic rock and roll, which gathered more than 120 people from Aikhal, Udachny and Yakutsk.

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Judo Decade is the main sporting event

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Grand breakthroughs, intense bouts, emotions of participants and coaches featured the Judo Decade in Yakutsk. Two major competitions - the Il Darkhan Cup and the tournament for the prizes of the Slavutich Club became truly the main events of the sports life of the capital.
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Oregon athletes (USA) thank the city of Yakutsk for hospitality and friendship

Director of the international exchange programs of the State of Oregon (USA) Mike Simons, coaches and young athletes of the freestyle wrestling team of the state express their gratitude and appreciation to the authorities of the city of Yakutsk for the organization of the large-scale sporting event - a friendly match between the youth teams of Oregon and the city of Yakutsk in freestyle wrestling , held August 1, 2017 in the Triumph Center for Sports Training.

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