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ALROSA expands sport financing in Yakutia

Football ALROSA1

The Company decided to terminate the activities of the professional Almaz-ALROSA Football Club. The released funds - more than 100 million rubles, which were previously used to finance a team of 13 professional football players, will be used to develop mass sports programs for children and adults.

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CHEER Festival: Positive energy of ALROSA in Yakutsk

Nastroenie Yakutsk
The CHEER Festival of ALROSA, which is very popular in the Mirny district, will scale up next week in Yakutsk. April 18 - 20, master classes in acrobatic rock-and-roll, boogie-woogie and breakdancing and a gala concert Trust, Dream, Fly will be held in the ‘50 Years of Victory’ Palace of Sports.

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Russia wins the World Cup for the seventh time

IMG 7748
The World Cup in Yakutsk is the benchmark of the competition, experts and guests agreed, who were amazed by the attention of the organizers and fans to their favorite sport. In these two days, the Triumph Center has indeed become the world center of free-style wrestling.

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ALROSA will hold the CHEER Festival

NastroenieFest 1
Famous hockey stars will come to the cities of the Diamond Province - Mirny, Udachny and Aikhal. This was made possible by the joint work of ALROSA and the Russian Hockey Federation.

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