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My life is total mas wrestling!

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In the course of my life, I am getting more and more convinced that the expression "Oh, Sport, you are the world!" is so true. When I was a child, my parents always took me to all trainings and competitions, we often participated in competitions, "Mom, Dad and I - a sports family". We would get up at 7:00 am with my father and run for at least 3 km, did morning exercises.

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Generally, I think, all of us, Yakuts, have the same memories about childhood: relays, crosses, tug of war. And ... mas wrestling! I remember I won girls very easily and went to the next round to pull the stick with boys, and city boys were quite easy to win, but when I went to the country to visit our family’s friend, Uncle Victor Sleptsov, his "tournaments" in the yard were a little more complicated. Anyway, there I began to understand that everything is relative in the world! And everything depends on you and your desire, everything is in our hands!

Then came chess, athletics, tennis, karate, kickboxing, basketball, volleyball (not in the yard, a real one with medals and diplomas), but always, in order to go to the level of a real player, athlete, there was internal mas wrestling, wrestling with your fear, excitement, ambition ...

... And even on November 12, the day of my birth, comes a session of "internal mas wrestling" – the inner struggle of my soul with unknown confrontations, with all my desires, experiences and plans for the future, which always happens, I think, to those who are somewhere away from home. Suddenly my uncle Nicholai Spiridonovich, who had just left the Land of Fire and Ice, called me, "Lena Tomskaya wrote to you an e-mail, answer it at once!" I opened the mail, "Mas wrestling needs serious people!" I answered: "What is required to seem serious? "I got a task "to get through to Magnus ver Magnusson, bring him and his athletes to the championship in Yakutsk." Well, that time mas wrestling won. Anticipating a meeting with the homeland in the most favorite time of the year, I was looking for the living legend, who I heard about from our powerlifters, looking for athletes who would gather in a week to get to the far Yakutia and represent Iceland.

Every day went under a schedule. Starting from November 12, maswrestling lived in me internally and externally: meetings after meetings, negotiations followed the talks, calls, correspondence ... And every time it was like wrestling – unpredictable situations, still not my country, strangers, but I had the goal and focused on achieving it.

Usually everything in this country is well planned and every weekend is arranged, and each crone is registered. Nevertheless, on November 23, we set off! We flew long, with 5-7 hour layovers in almost every port. Then there was a very intense program, which was organized a week before the departure via Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp.

The result of the trip was a delight and gratitude from the four-times strongest man in the world Magnus ver Magnusson, who was impressed by the scale and level of sport in our republic, thanks to the organizers, as well as a desire to come again and to share experience in powerlifting.

Solvi Vannar was delighted with not only mas wrestling and our athletes, but also our culture, he is going to improve his skills of playing khomus mouth harp, he acts in films with a Yakut knife. He was also pleasantly surprised by the performance of Leonid Antsiferov, who sang in Icelandic, the song which we chose long before arriving at the Kingdom of Permafrost!

Zora (Thorsteinsdottir Thora) gave an interview in the Icelandic newspaper "Wink Blazur" where she said that she was glad to participate in this championship, mas wrestling is a very spectacular sport, and she hopes for its development in Iceland.

Despite the fact that so far, the main thing for the Icelandic team was just to take part, I think that this was a great victory for everyone - to come to -40 °C, to compete with these masters, meet new people from all over the world, to see a different world, expand their consciousness. Because of this, many of us have become virtual friends, now we are waiting for new meetings and new victories!


"Sport of Yakutia", 29.01.2015