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Getting acquainted with the city. Chochur Muran Ethnographic Complex

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The complex was built in tribute to the Cossacks pioneers who explored and joined the vast lands beyond the Ural Mountains to the Russian state. Nadvornaya Tower of the main building is built after the drawings of Academician Opolovnikov, who studied the Russian wooden architecture of the North-East of Russia in the 16-17 centuries. Chochur Muran is located away from the bustle of the city, at the foot of a hill. There are many wooden buildings: hunters cabins, reinder herders tents, barns and a merchant’s house recreate the pictures of the past years.

The main feature of the complex is a combination of interesting projects with quality services: the old Yakut fortress, MI-8 helicopter, a collection of ancient weapons and national birch-bark dishware, a floating sauna, sled dogs tours, a restaurant of Yakut cuisine.