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Women from Yakutia Have Won Four Gold Medals on the Boxing Championship of the Far East

  • Published in Sport
Sportswomen from Yakutia have won gold medals at the championship of the Far East in boxing. Competitions among women, girls and juniors have come to an end on January 10 in Vladivostok.

Representatives of Yakutia have won four gold awards, one silver and three bronze medals.

As the acting senior coach of the national team of the Sakha Republic Zoya Isaeva reports, in a competition among senior girls our boxers have won two gold medals. This is Marianna Mestnikova (weight category up to 52 kg, coach Ilya Ivanov) and Anita Grigorieva (up to 54 kg, coach Ruslan Vasilyev). The second place was taken by Natalya Akakiyeva (up to 57 kg, coach Egor Solovyov). Kunduune Alekseeva (up to 46 kg, coach Igor Yefimov) and Eduard Tyasytov (up to 48 kg, coach Semyon Savvinov) have received bronze medals.

Among juniors Michiline Santayeva (up to 48 kg, coach Nikolay Petrov) and Sargylana Argunova (up to 51 kg, coach Ilya Ivanov) have become winners of championship of the Far Eastern Federal District. In weight category up to 64 kg Antonina Osipova (coach Oksana Vasilyeva) has won a bronze medal.

Many sportswomen from Yakutia made it to the finals. And so, Michiline Santayeva on the final match in weight up to 48 kg has won over the sportswoman from Magadan Maryam Medarova.