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Judo Decade is the main sporting event

  • Published in Sport
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Grand breakthroughs, intense bouts, emotions of participants and coaches featured the Judo Decade in Yakutsk. Two major competitions - the Il Darkhan Cup and the tournament for the prizes of the Slavutich Club became truly the main events of the sports life of the capital.

Open All-Russia Judo Tournament Il Darkhan Cup was held on March 10-11 in the Triumph Sports Center. The invited guests were the Executive Director of the Russian Judo Federation Valentin Khabirov, the two-time Olympic prize-winner Tamerlan Tmenov, the Olympic champion Arsen Galstyan.

Yesterday, March 15, the Triumph Sports Center hosted the opening ceremony of 23rd tournament for the prizes of the Slavutich Club. More than 400 judoists from different parts of Siberia and the Far East participate in the competitions. The competition takes place both among children and adults.

President of the Judo Federation of Yakutsk Igor Loik: "We had a great match for the prizes of Il Darkhan Egor Borisov. Now we are having a Slavutich Club tournament. As an expert, I can say that every time the skill of athletes is growing. The teams of Mongolia and Khabarovsk show the strongest fight. Yakut judoists from Yakutsk, Nyurba, Neryungri and other regions traditionally win medals. The competition is intense, let the best win."

Vice President of the Yakutia Judo Federation Vyacheslav Litavin: “The objective of the tournament in addition to identifying the strongest judokas is acquaintance with our multinational people, culture, and city. We bring people together, who are in love with this Olympic sport. Athletes from Mongolia, Buryatia, cities of Siberia and the Far East gathered here today. We thank the government of Yakutia, the Ministry of Sport, especially the Department of Internal Policy, which organized the Darkhan Cup tournament. We will try to make it an annual one keeping profile. I want to thank our sponsors for their help in the development of children's and junior sports."

Every year the organizers of the tournament try to make the competition not only a notable sporting event in the city, but also an unforgettable holiday.