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Yakut kickboxers win four medals of the Russian championship

  • Published in Sport
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Yakutia kickboxing team returned with four medals of the Russian championship, held in Yalta

World Cup winner Vadim Koltovskoy became the silver medalist for the fifth time in his career, and Yakutia champion Ayaal Migalkin nearly won the world champion.

"Vadim Koltovskoy (up to 57 kg) for the fifth time in a row became the silver medalist of the Russian championship in K-1. It's a shame that for the second time we concede in the finals, this time we reached lackluster results having lost to the champion of Europe. Vadim confidently won four gold medals at the World Cups in Italy, Hungary, Anapa among men, so I cannot say that he does not know how to win the final bouts. He has known the leaders of his weight for a long time, he meets with them only in the final stages,” told senior coach Andrei Alekseyev.

Another Yakutian Semyon Alekseyev won a bronze medal among men in the weight category up to 54 kg. Yulia Petrova, trainee of NEFU coach Ilya Cherkashin, became the third among women, and Elena Peshkova, trainee of Nikita Naumov, took bronze in the junior age category.

"The coach-kickboxer Ayaal Migalkin performed well. He got into a fight with the world champion Khamid Paskhaev from Chechnya. The highly awarded opponent was shocked by the pressure of our fighter, he did not understand what was going on and where such an aggressive kickboxer came from. Migalkin was attacking all the time, as if fighting for the last time, but, unfortunately, the victory was awarded to the Chechen," Alekseev said.

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The Yakut fighters are now going to the championship of Russia in the low-kick section, which will be held a month later in Tomsk. Vadim Koltovskoy is now leading among the Russians and can go to the European Championships in the fall.