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This is more than sport, this is life

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Top priority of ALROSA is stimulating the development of sports, culture, the doctrine of a healthy lifestyle.  The Cultural and Sports Complex unites sports complexes, museums, culture palaces, sanatoriums, summer health centers for children - Orlyonok and Almaz (Lensk), a driving school, and the Diamonds of Yakutia ballet group. And on October 18, it celebrates its 20th anniversary, but what is ALROSA Cultural and Sports Complex today?

Today, in Mirny, Aikhal and Udachny there are 15 sports facilities of ALROSA Cultural and Sports Complex - these are sports palaces, swimming pools, gyms and ski resorts where adults and children train in 112 sports groups in 25 sports. Among children, the most popular sport is swimming (more than 500 involved). Boys also love football and hockey (the leaders in attendance), girls love figure skating and rhythmic gymnastics.

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“The cultural and sports complex annually organizes various sports events for the employees of ALROSA enterprises. The highlights are the Ice Hockey Cup among the employees of ALROSA, the Ice Show, the ALROSA Volleyball Championship. Last year, the jubilee 25th ALROSA Open Mini-Football Championship among labor groups gathered a record number of participants - 30 teams. More than 2000 employees of the Company take part in the Games of ALROSA labor teams. In 2015, at 3rd Games of the labor teams of the RS (Y) in the city of Yakutsk, the team of ALROSA ranked first. The next Republican Games will be held in 2019, the workers have already begun to intensively prepare and train to go through qualifying competitions,” said Director of the Cultural and Sports Complex Dmitry Egorkin.

Based on favorable economic conditions, ALROSA has allowed itself to create rich cultural and spiritual environment that has no analogues in other mining companies. The activities of the CSC significantly inspired, diversified the life of the Company's employees. A whole galaxy of sports and music stars come from the CSC. Suffice it to mention the famous 'Diamonds of Yakutia' Children's Ballet headed by Tatiana Rakhmanina, the 'Almaz-ALROSA' Mini-Football Club of Major League of Russia, Russian pop star Viktoria Daineko, the Merkulins Brothers - country and world champions in weight-lifting, ‘Diadance’ and ‘Divertisment’ Ensembles, the Arctic Circle Circus of Udachny and the ‘Amazonki’ dance group. The CSC successfully held the International ‘Children of Asia’ Games twice. 

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Of course, the Cultural and Sports Complex is proud of its best organizations and artistic groups: 60th Anniversary of Victory Sports Complex, opened in 2005, ‘Olymp’ Sports Complex, the ‘Kristall’ swimming pool, the ‘Severnoye Siyanie’ Culture Center (Aikhal), the ‘Rusalochka’ swimming-pool, the ‘Snezhinka’ year-round Ice Palace (Udachny).

Today, CSC is a huge team that continues the traditions established in the late 90s. These are numerous creative associations, circles and sections, with a coverage of 13 thousand people. Today it is impossible to imagine the leisure and cultural life of the inhabitants of Mirny, Udachny, Aikhal and Lensk without CSC.

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Success, achievements and victories - everything that the creative team of the Cultural and Sports Complex has achieved and is famous for is a great merit of each of the employees. Behind these accomplishments lies daily hard work, high professional qualities, selfless work and dedication to their work. By educating the young generation of talented artists and outstanding athletes, painters and actors, the employees of the Complex are laying the foundation for further stable prosperity of culture and sports in the diamond region.

Last achievements of pupils of children's sections

February - the beginning of victories

Two youth teams born in 2002 and 2004 became winners of the Futsal Championship of RS (Y).

March is a fruitful month

At the republican track and field athletics competitions among pupils born in 2005-2006 for the prizes of the President of the Federation of Athletics of the RS (Y) M.Yu. Pletner Ilona Yurchenko took 1st place in the women’s 60 and 200 meters. At distances of 200 and 300 meters, Sergey Manekin was the first to finish. At the All-Russian competitions - the Championship of the Far Eastern Federal District in the city of Khabarovsk in track and field athletics among boys and girls under 16 years old Ilona Yurchenko became the first in the track and field athletics tournament (60 + 200 m). Yaroslav Shcheglov, Anastasia Leontieva, Roman Zagvozkin each won gold at 23rd Republican Judo Tournament for the prizes of the Slavutych Sports Club. Yaroslav Shcheglov, Anastasia Leontieva became winners of the Open All-Russian Judo Tournament for the Cup of Il Darkhan of the RS (Y). Gold medals of the Judo Championship of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) among boys and girls born in 2004-2006 won Anastasia Leontieva, Ilya Museychuk, Yaroslav Shcheglov. Margarita Apletina won gold at the first stage of the Yakutsk Sports Swimming Cup.

May is the gold of Japanese philosophy

Anastasia Leontieva took the gold of 4th ‘Summer Cup’ Traditional Judo Tournament.

June is a sure shot

Nikita Belousov is the winner of the Championship of Russia in archery.