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New Minister of Sport takes up his duties

  • Published in Sport
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The new head of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports was introduced to the office employees, as well as the heads of subordinate institutions, reports Sport of Yakutia. Innokenty Grigoriev announced the upcoming policy shift and invited colleagues to share their vision of the development of sports.


The Deputy Prime Minister of the RS (Y) Government Olga Balabkina, introducing the new minister, noted: “The tasks set by the head of the republic are ambitious. This concerns not only the results of athletes, but in general, how to make our Yakutia become the most sporting republic. We are waiting for structural changes, reformatting, upgrading. Yesterday we met with Georgy Balakshin, thanked him for the work he had done as the head of the Ministry of Sports. We hope that Innokenty Yurievich will continue the successful work of the Ministry.”

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The new head of the renewed Ministry of Physical Culture and Sport, Innokenty Grigoriev, was appointed to the office by decree of the head of the republic on October 23. Previously, he headed the Vasily Manchaary Republican Center for National Sports.

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